Latest News: Best Poster Award for ReCo-App

Fabian Zehner and Nico Andersen participated in the conference "Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Assessment" with their ReCo-App "shinyReCoR" and won Best Poster Award. The event was organised by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME).

Check out the poster session!

About the project

Poster: shinyReCoR

The Centre for Technology-Based Assessment (TBA Centre) was established in 2007 as an interdisciplinary working group in the fields of computer science and educational-psychological diagnostics. The TBA Centre has been established at the DIPF since 2010. It also includes two research professorships that work on questions of technology-based testing from the perspective of diagnostics and computer science.

CBA ItemBuilder

The software can be used to create dynamic and interactive tasks for computer-based tests without any programming skills.

CBA ItemBuilder

Current projects

Federal-state initiative "Schule macht stark - SchuMaS"

The TBA Centre is part of the metacluster "Assessment and Research Data Management" and supports the data analysis in the SchuMaS-project.

Federal-state initiative "Schule macht stark - SchuMaS"

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