Completed project phase 2009-2013

In 2009-2013, two sub-projects for NEPS were implemented at DIPF.

In 2009-2013, DIPF ran two projects in the NEPS context. The psychometry project focused on testing an implementation of computer-based competence testing in NEPS. A theoretical frame was developed for experimental mode-effect studies (Kroehne & Martens, 2011 to identify possible differences between paper-based and computer-based tests (quantification of mode effects). Following the test of several alternatives for implementing computer-based tasks, the uniform platform CBA ItemBuilder was established in NEPS (Roelke, 2012), item developers in NEPS are provided the authoring tool. In selected studies, simulation-based and non-simulation-based assessments were compared (Goldhammer, Kroehne, Keßel, Senkbeil, & Ihme, 2014).  A performance-oriented test was developed for assessing basic computer skills (Goldhammer, Naumann, & Keßel, 2013).

The data warehouse software development project aimed at setting up a central data pool for the entire NEPS study, as well as making available suitable tools for filtering and reporting. Data from the four assessment waves and filtering and reporting tools were then made available to the entire research community.