The project ÜFA is a national longitudinal study with the goal to learn more about the transition of graduates with academic qualifications in pedagogical professions to the labour market.

The ÜFA project is a national longitudinal study allowing for the fact that in recent years the field of upbringing, education and day care of children has seen an enormous growth. A first survey of participants was conducted at the end of their training at the University of Applied Sciences respectively, university in spring 2012. A second survey will be conducted eighteen months after their graduation and transition to professional activity (in autumn 2013). The study is designed as a standardised online survey supplemented by conventional paper-based questionnaires.


1. The study aims at answering the following questions:

    • How does the career entry of pedagogically trained staff proceed?
    • In what occupational areas and under what condition is pedagogically trained staff employed?
    • What significance do qualification profiles have on the one and regional labour markets on the other hand?

2. Use of the findings

    • Preparation and counseling of students with the help of the findings concerning  the transition to working career
    • Suggestions for the advancements of initial and further training of early childhood pedagogues
    • Site-specific analysis of evaluation and advancements (accreditation)
    • Supplying universities of applied sciences and universities with the assessment instrument for their own surveys

Methodological procedure

TBA is developing an online version of the survey with encrypted access. Moreover, TBA is creating a feedback system for universities of applied sciences and universities which represents a snapshot of the current situation of the institutions. This includes selected findings of the assessments.

The survey is conducted both online and paper-based in universities of applied sciences, specialized academies and universities. The survey addresses all graduates from the participating institutions who were in their final year of study in spring 2012. The survey and the use of the assessed data are subject to data protection legislation.


Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Co-operation: Technical University Dortmund, University of Koblenz – Landau

Duration: October 2011 – Fall 2015

Status: completed

Project management: Dr. Ivo Züchner (overall project manager at DIPF), Elham Müller (TBA)

Contact: Elham Müller