• Requirement analysis and implementation planning for NEPS assessments with computer-based testing for individual or group settings
  • Support of domain experts and item authors in the implementation of  computer-based tasks with the authoring tool CBA ItemBuilder (task templates, consulting, training)
  • Prototypical programming of innovative and new task formats as well as surveys
  • Coordination of requirements for the further development of the authoring tool CBA ItemBuilder for use in NEPS   
  • Creation of NEPS-TBT modules for computer-based testing and surveys with TBA tools;  for individual or notebook-based group testing
  • 2nd level support for institutes during the execution of studies with computer-based testing
  • Load test of online delivery and creation of test plans for computer-based tests
  • Programming of specific instruments and prototypes as diagnostic modules for computer-based  assessments in NEPS