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National add-on study on mode effects in PISA 2018

The regular PISA 2018 Main Study is complemented by a national add-on study on mode effects, which was initiated by the KMK Deputy Ministers’ Committee (Amtschefkommission) “Quality assurance in schools”. The add-on is planned by the Centre for International Student Assessment (ZIB) e.V. and will be run together with the PISA 2018 Main Study.

Based on this supplementary study, questions will be investigated concerning the change from paper-based assessment (PBA) to computer-based assessment modes (CBA) that remained open after PISA 2015. A central question is whether a tested construct remains the same pursuant to the change to CBA (construct equivalence). Here, the aim is to find out whether different competences are demanded for working on test tasks that are presented on a computer rather than appearing in conventional paper-based formats. For example, the project targets whether computer-based tasks differentiate between students in the same way as do the paper-based tasks. Another important aspect that will be investigated is whether the change of mode or, respectively, the way of dealing with potential mode differences has an impact on national trend estimations. Data analyses particularly need to take into account possible shifts in difficulty which might result from processing tasks at the computer.

For the national add-on study, students from the PISA schools will work on the computer-based PISA Main Study and additionally spend a second day of assessment working on paper-based test booklets.

Contact: Scott Harrison

last modified Nov 15, 2018