MYSKILLS – Identifying professional competencies

Many refugees, immigrants and people with low formal professional skills experience difficulties in accessing the job market due to their lack of recognizable certifications. Moreover, so far no uniform instrument exists for an overarching assessment of informally-acquired competencies that are relevant for professional activities and demanded in the context of employment.

Therefore, the Federal Employment Agency and the Bertelsmann Foundation - together with the Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (Forschungsinstitut Berufliche Bildung, f-bb) – have jointly developed a concept for an improved assessment of non-formally-acquired competencies and their use for the purpose of entering training or employment. The project’s working title is: Berufliche Kompetenzen erkennen (BKE), I.e. identifying professional competencies.

The TBA Centre is responsible for the entire technical realization of the project. TBA thus provides technology-based assessment solutions via the open source assessment platform TAO. More precisely, TBA will take on the computing of all tasks and online delivery of competence tests. TBA will also co-ordinate software developments of TAO enhancements and hosting as well as technical support. The TBA team will also offer content-related support particularly regarding psychometrical advice and process development.


Funding: Bertelsmann Foundation

Duration: 11/2016 - 03/2022

Status: current

Project management: Frank Goldhammer, Britta Upsing

Project team: Lothar Beck, , Faramarz Ghovati, Dennis Grund, Dennis KaschPaul Libbrecht, Cyrus Patel, Barbara Persch, Heather S. B. Wehner

Contact: Britta Upsing