Highly Informative and Competency-Oriented Feedback for Digital Learning (HIKOF-DL)

HIKOF-DL is a collaborative project with three subprojects (DIPF, Goethe University/Educational Psychology and Goethe University/studiumdigitale).

The project builds on the rich expertise and support of the Society of Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) and uses proven regulations, methods and established open source software solutions. These will be linked to current methods and digital tools in psychometric competency diagnostics. Specifically, the internationally established learning analytics software OnTask is combined with the KAT-HS assessment software developed in Germany to create a new high-impact open source tool for highly informative and competency-oriented formative and summative feedback.

The HIKOF-DL project focuses on the further development of existing interventions to improve online teaching and their transfer into teaching and learning practice. In perspective, a long-term establishment of AI in education and training is envisioned. The emerging feedback system will be implemented at Goethe University by the partners studiumdigitale and DIPF and evaluated with the partner from the department of Educational Psychology in one of the largest and in terms of participants most heterogeneous lectures of the university with about 1000 students. The results are presented twice a year to the advisory board from different companies and evaluated for their applicability in the economic field.

Online teaching data sets have grown rapidly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The HIKOF-DL project aims to support universities and companies in analyzing the potential of these online teaching data sets using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and transforming them into highly informative and competence-oriented feedback for students. Instead of doing fundamental research into new interventions, this project aims to combine and implement established open-source software solutions from the international learning analytics community as well as from successful BMBF projects. The project will appoint a project advisory board to oversee the applicability of the technologies and knowledge in practice.


Funding: Distr@l support program of the Hessian state government

Cooperation: Goethe University: studiumdigitale and Educational Psychology department

Duration: 04/2021 - 05/2024

State: finished

Project Team: Jane Yau, Joshua Weidlich

Contact: Hendrik Drachler