Bildung 4.0 für KMU - Digital learning as a competitive advantage in light-weight production

The project "Bildung 4.0 für KMU" aims at finding ways to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their digitization challenges in terms of knowledge transfer.

In a high-technology sector such as the composite sector, it is essential to collect a company's knowledge of specific software, IT technologies or machines and to share this knowledge among its employees. The main objective of the project is to research and develop organizational and technical solutions to support SMEs in the composite sector by introducing or improving digital knowledge transfer in order to prepare them for the challenges of »Digitization« and »Industry 4.0«.

To achieve this, we are working with selected SMEs from the composite sector association Composites United e.V. (CU), one of the world’s largest networks for fiber-based multi-material lightweight construction.

The focus is on:

  • Motivation
  • Knowledge development and transfer
  • Learning methods and technologies like Webinars and Mixed Reality (MR)

The project "Bildung 4.0 für KMU" is funded within the framework of the program „Digitale Medien in der beruflichen Bildung" by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the European Social Fund in Germany (ESF).

Further information can be found on the projects website:

Funding: BMBF & ESF

Cooperation: Universität AugsburgComposites United e.VEckert SchulenMSH Medical School Hamburg

Duration: 04/2018 - 03/2022

Status: running

Contact: Robert Löw