The TBA centre generates scientific and infrastructure services to offer and enhance technology-based assessment solutions.

The TBA Centre focuses on the central task of supporting educational research institutions and projects in the implementation of technology-based assessment. This infrastructural task is flanked by and therefore grounded in TBA research questions.

Amongst others, the research activities at the TBA Centre aim at the improvement of validity and efficiency of measurement instruments by technology use, modelling of process data, instructional use of assessment data as well as research data management. Two research professorships are located at the TBA Centre that focus on educational and psychological assessment and knowledge mining and assessment.

The infrastructural work covers item development and translation, test development, implementation and delivery as well as workflow support. The services include counselling, planning as well as implementation and software development. The TBA Centre supports national and international large scale assessments as well as specific educational research projects regarding the implementation of ability measurement as well as questionnaire studies.