An execution environment consisting of JavaScript classes for the integration of browser-based components in technology based assessments.

Items for computer-based tests and surveys can be developed with different authoring tools and editors (for example the CBA ItemBuilder) and technologies. For the use in actual assessments these elements have to be integrated. A simple, technology independent administration of browser-based items and an integrated test execution for online or offline assessments can be achieved with the help of TBA-Tools.

What is TBA-Tools?

TBA-Tools consists of a collection of JavaScript classes that can be combined for the needed application scenarios. They are complimented by server components of TBA Tools that are available for different application areas. A PHP-implementation can be used for internet-based test delivery with many simultaneous test sessions, and a .NET-based implementation is suited for controlled test execution, for example on notebooks. To guarantee a maximum of test safety under controlled conditions TBA-Tools can be complimented with further programs to prevent operation system functionalities.

How does TBA-Tools work?

    • Tool and technology cross integration of browser based items (for example HTML, Silverlight, Flash, JAVAFX etc. can be used together in one test)
    • Compatible to common web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera,…)
    • Intuitive handling and simple adaptability, for example, easily configurable testing procedures (for example, for the implementation of test booklet rotation, specific item orders, repetition of skipped items, selective item-review…)
    • Flexible order of single components (for example, status information for the remaining tasks)
    • Support of workflows for automatic generated items or questions
    • Use of open standards as for example, platform independent configuration with the help of XML-specifications
    • Permanent crash protection and easily implementable crash recovery, that means, automatic restore of interrupted or accidentally closed tests and easy implementation of editing conditions within items
    • Automatic handling of scores (evaluations) per item during the test administration and continuous storage of detailed log-data

Where has TBA-Tools been used?

TBA-Tools has been used for the computerized assessments in the context of the mode effect studies for NEPS. TBA Tools establishes the execution environment for a scaling assessment in the context of the Kom-Lern CAT project. Furthermore, TBA Tools is used in Steg S.

How is TBA-Tools available?

TBA Tools is available if required for the implementation of assessments, for example with the CBA ItemBuilder.


Contact: Ulf Kröhne, Felix Wagner