Experience in digitally-based assessments in research and application: Innovative solutions for technology-based assessment ranging from small research project to high-available large-scale applications

Over the last years, the interdisciplinary Centre for Technology-Based Assessment (TBA Centre) - in close co-operation with national and international partners - has become a globally successful supplier of innovative tools and services for computer-based assessment, mainly in the area of education.
Solutions developed by the Centre for Technology-Based Assessment (TBA Centre) cover the complete assessment cycle including the implementation of digitally-based interactive and technology-enhanced items, data collections in various settings and the analyses of result data as well as log data. With a strong commitment for open science practices, TBA favors open-source licenses.

Software development is driven by research projects that take place at the TBA Centre and in cooperation with external national and international partners.

Service Level Agreements

The tools developed will be made available to the research community "as is". Further development is coordinated by the TBA Centre for new applications and perspectives.

Tools developed by the Centre for Technology-Based Assessment (TBA Centre) are provided as is to the research community. Where applicable we use open-source licenses to make sure that developments driven by research projects funded with public money are accessible for the research community.

However, this open-science practice cannot include individual support, any responsibility for the success of data collections, or event necessary maintenance, for instance, security updates and hotfixes, if no service level agreement is negotiated in advance.

We recommend that you contact us in advance if the success of your research project depends on using one of our tools. There is no guarantee that content will run, for instance, in any browser or that a specific hosting can handle the required number of concurrent test-takers, etc.: aWItc3VwcG9ydEBkaXBmLmRl

We have compiled typical questions for the consultation of a service level agreement here.

Free for Non-Commercial Use

Although we provide the tools free of charge for non-commercial use, keeping the software up-to-date, bug fixing and improving the functionality is costly and hard work.

Contact us if you use the software to provide service to others, for commercial use, or if you need specific features and can contribute to the development: aWItc3VwcG9ydEBkaXBmLmRl