The IRTlib Deployment software is a tool for combining assessment content to linear tests, booklet designs, test with routing or adaptive/multi-stage tests.

Computer-based assessments can be delivered online in a stand-alone fashion, can be integrated in learning management systems, run offline using a kiosk mode or can be integrated into other assessment software, for instance, in computer-based personal interviews as used in household studies such as PIAAC or NEPS (in the specific cohorts).

What is the IRTlib Deployment Software?

The IRTlib Deployment Software is a tool for creating assessments using CBA ItemBuilder content. It is used for test delivery, defining static or dynamic test assemblies (i.e., booklets, filter rules, multi-stage testing or adaptive testing), for managing accounts (i.e., defining how test-taker can authenticate and for rostering (i.e., for assigning tests, booklets, etc. to individual test-takers or groups).

Which Deployment Modes are Supported?

The IRTlib Deployment Software can be used for stand-alone online assessments hosted on a server, for online-assessments embedded into Learning Management Systems (LMS, like Moodle) via the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard, and for offline assessments, either stand-alone in kiosk mode, embedded into other assessment software or as local bring-in server.

Which Test Assemblies are Supported?

The IRTlib Deployment Software can be used to create assessments composed by test parts. Each test-taker will answer one or multiple test-part, where the selection and the order of test parts depends on either the group membership or additional person-level covariates. Within test-parts, the IRTlib Deployment Software supports either a static linear sequence of tasks, or dynamic routing. A graphical editor for defining the routing is included that can be used to define booklets, clusters of items re-used for booklets in different sequences or routing that takes previous responses into account. This allows the implementation of various types of multi-stage test assemblies, on the fly multi-stage testing, as well as unidimensional and multidimensional adaptive testing based on Item-Response Theory (IRT).

Tutorials and Workshops

Please ask for a (virtual) onboarding workshop for new research projects or use cases (aWItc3VwcG9ydEBkaXBmLmRl).

How do I get the IRTlib Deployment Software?

You can access the IRTlib Deployment Software via github.

* Product Owner and Psychometrics: PD Dr. Ulf Kröhne
* Development: Software-Driven
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