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Neuste Features

New Features


External Content

Tthe ExternalPageFrame component offers the opportunity to include also content like a webpage. A predefined web page can be referenced by a page address and displayed. The source is specified as an URL. With the CBA ItemBuilder it is possible to include HTML, JavaScript and CSS content. These resource files are imported through the (new) “External Content” tab. The content can be either defined as “Local” or “External”. Local content is included directly into the item and External content is linked by an URL.


Right to Left Languages

Languages like Arabic, Hebrew and Persian have right to left or abbreviated RTL, writing systems. The CBA Itembuilder supports RTL languages and items can be translated or directly created using RTL languages. If the global project property “Right-to-Left orientation” is set, texts are displayed in Right-to-Left orientation and other components like input fields or tables (or spreadsheets) switches from LTR to RTL orientation. Furthermore, the IB supports digits for Arabic languages, in particular arabic-indic/east-arabic-indic digits: There is a separate combo box to select the numeral digits (standard /arabic-indic/east-arabic-indic).

last modified Aug 10, 2018