The CBA Execution Environment (CBA EE) is an administration and execution platform for items (browser-based components) that have been created with the CBA ItemBuilder.

The CBA EE can be implemented in diverse environments, e.g. online and offline settings running with Windows or Linux operating systems. It is possible to compile tests and configure the presentation of assessments (e.g. layout).

What is the CBA EE?

The CBA EE is a platform for browser-based components such as test items, created by means of the CBA ItemBuilder, enabling administration and execution of assessments.
CBA EE functionalities are provided by web applications. A webserver has especially been configured for this purpose. After starting the server, administration, assessment and results themselves are accessible via links in the browser. Assessment content and test results of the browser-based components are placed in a local storage device.

What exactly can CBA EE do?

  • It is compatible with commonly known web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, …)
  • Suitable for online and offline assessments
  • Runs on Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Administration and assessment via links that can be parametricised
  • Administration of tests with a graphical user interface
  • Configuration of the assessment framework (navigation, operating and display elements)
  • Configuration of assessment behaviour(e.g. enabling only one test round per test taker)
  • Supports authentication of test takers
  • Supports test allocation to certain test takers
  • Stores test contents and test results in a local device
  • Offers immediate access to test results or download of test results in comprised files
  • Automatic repair of (accidentally) interrupted tests (crash recovery)

Where is the CBA EE used?

The CBA EE constitutes the execution platform for the TBA projects “Computer-based, adaptive and behaviour-related assessment of information and communication-related skills (ICT Skills) in PISA” (CavE ICT) and "Strenghtening of German-supported schools in Kabul (SGS)".

How can the CBA be obtained?

If required, the CBA EE is available for implementation of assessments with the CBA-ItemBuilder.

Project management: Ulf Kröhne