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All projects of the TBA Centre in alphabetical order

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Long title

Machine learning processes to predict hyperactivity

AKTeur Automatic coding completed

Instrument for the computer assisted adaptive and behavioral survey of informational and communicational skills (ICT Skills) of 15year-olds in PISA

CBA in class Using computer based assessment in formative diagnostics via feedback of the diagnostical information in teaching practice running
DaQS Database for the quality of schools completed
DomPL-Ik Modelling and measuring of domain specific problem solving competencies of future industrial clerks completed
EDK System Monitoring Testing basic competencies by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education running
EleFa E-learning and formative assessment completed
FLUX Investigation and capturing of cognitive ability fluctuation during the school day via smartphones running
ILO An Erasmus+ Project to improve students' competencies running
FSM-FIPS Teacher's evaluation software for tests collecting ability indicators in primary school completed
KoMo-ICT Empirical investigation of cognitive and motivational facets of ICT literacy running
LogDataAnalyzer Instrument for processing data in PIAAC running
mBook Multimedia history book running

Process-based assessment of multiple documents comprehension (Multiple Documents Literacy)

NEPS Nationales Educational Panel running
PIAAC R1 International computer based study for the investigation of everyday competencies of adults, round 1 completed
PIAAC R2 International computer based study for the investigation of everyday competencies of adults, round 2 running
PIAAC R3 International computer based study for the investigation of everyday competencies of adults, round 3 running
PIAAC-L Follow-up study of the PIAAC-Study in Germany completed
PIAAC-LN Investigates the acquisition and use of competencies drawing on the data from PIAAC studies running
PISA 2012 NaBe PISA 2012 national add-on study running
PISA 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment completed
Profan Process indicators: from explaining successful work on tasks to formative assessment running
ProCom Use of process data for competence modelling running
ReTiCo Response Time Control running
SensoMot Sensory assessment of motivational indicators for governing adaptive learning contents running


Study on the development of all-day schools running
Testing Response Time Measurement of response time for quality intensification running
TECCI Technology based capturing of computer skills with the CBA ItemBuilder completed
ÜFA Transition of graduates with academic qualifications in pedagogical professions to the labour market completed
ZIB Centre for international comparative assessments of education running
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